Where to Buy cUSDC (CUSDC)

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Are You Trying to Decide Where to Buy Compound USD Coin (CUSDC)?


When you want to purchase Compound USD Coin - or any cryptocurrency for that matter - choosing the best exchange can seem like one heavy task, for beginners or long time traders. That's why we've created this short guide to help you dive into the cryptocurrency world.

A good first step to begin your trading journey is to review the most liquid exchanges and trading pairs in the market, and after you've read about these exchanges and picking the one that's best for your needs, you will be able to set up an account and start trading in no time!

Here is a list of the most liquid exchanges to buy the cryptocurrency Compound USD Coin (CUSD) on:

  • Balancer: A fairly new Decentralized Exchange, gaining popularity thanks to its security and privacy policies and currently the most liquid to trade CUSDC on ETH. Keep in mind that in order to trade on Balancer, you must have one of the following wallets connected to the exchange: MetaMask, WalletConnect, Portis or Coinbase Wallet. Beware: This exchange doesn't state any prohibitions for traders in USA, UK, EU or most countries in Asia, but make sure you first find the information you need about country policies before you buy or sell on this platform.

  • Uniswap: This is an automated exchange based on the US and supports a large number of cryptocurrencies. It is currently the most liquid exchange to buy CUSDC on the USDC trading pair.

Buy CUSDC - What is Compound USD Coin (CUSDC)?


CUSDC or Compound USD Coin is a token built on the Compound protocol by ERC-20 token standards, that represents a record of digital USDC dollars deposited in their liquidity pool. This means that when you deposit USDC in the Compound protocol, you receive the corresponding amount in CUSDC tokens, which can be transferred in the same way as you would with other tokens.

Before you buy, you might be interested in comparing the prices of CUSDC to other Compound tokens or cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, which you can easily do by using our Crypto Compare tool.

Best Cryptocurrency Wallets to Get Compound USD Coin (CUSDC)


After you buy your Compound USD Coin tokens, an important step to take is to find a secure space to hold your data, make transactions and interact with the blockchain. That's what a crypto wallet is for are for. There are cryptocurrency wallet types, and here we will give you a list of our top wallet choices to store your CUSDC.

  • Metamask: A very popular online option among CUSDC investors. It's available as a web wallet, downloadable as an extension, and a mobile app.

  • Portis: This multi-blockchain non-custodial web wallet is a great option for beginners to store their CUSDC. You can easily set up an account with an email address and password and get the cryptocurrency you want.

  • CoinbaseA mobile app based wallet that offers all level traders a secure and easy-to-navigate platform features.

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