Where to Buy Terra (LUNA)

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Trying to decide where to buy Terra (LUNA)?


If you're buying Terra (LUNA) and are not sure of which exchange to choose, we've got you covered! Here is a quick and easy guide to do so in the following paragraphs.

A good way to get started, whether you're an experienced trader or a new student, is to check out the exchanges with the most liquid trading pairs available, and once you've decided on the exchange where you'll be doing your investment, you can set up a personal account and get Terra, which usually takes only a couple minutes.

If you're just getting started with crypto, then we suggest you gather up more information and learn about these exchanges in order for you to choose one that best fits your needs and have a great buying experience.


Here is a list of the top 3 liquid exchanges to buy the cryptocurrency Terra (LUNA) on:


  • Binance*: Considered to be the top cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance has great liquidity for both the USDT and BTC trading pairs.


  • OKEx*: Based on Malta, this exchange is another popular option to get LUNA on USDT or BTC.


  • KuCoin: An exchange based on the Seychelles that offers a huge supply of coins and trading pairs and other crypto-related services like staking and lending, great for traders based in the US that want to get LUNA.


* Not available for traders in USA


If you're worried about availability in your country or region, we'll give you a quick list of the most liquid exchanges available in the USA, EU/UK and Asia to make your decision easier.

List of Best Crypto Exchanges for US Residents


  • KuCoin
  • (Except for traders in Washington and New York)
  • (Except for traders in New York and Puerto Rico)


List of Best Crypto Exchanges for EU/UK Residents



List of Best Crypto Exchanges for Asian Residents



* OKEx, Bitfinex and BKEX are also great options for both residents in EU, UK and Asia, but they might have restrictions in certain countries so you might need to check on the official pages for more information about availability.

What is Terra Crypto (LUNA)?


Terra is a decentralized blockchain platform created by Terraform Labs that offers an oracle system, a stablecoins protocol, a native currency (LUNA), and smart contracts.


LUNA is their native token used as a utility and governance token to help back and secure the stability of the network's stablecoins. In addition to this, is used as part of their proof-of-stake mechanism, and for LUNA holders to conduct the governance of the network by voting on proposals and adjustments of the Terra protocol.


When you buy any cryptocurrency such as Terra it might be useful to compare its price to Bitcoin, which you can easily do so with our Crypto Compare tool here.

Best Crypto Wallets to Store Terra (LUNA)


When you get a cryptocurrency such as Terra, you'll need a safe space to store your personal account data, interact with the blockchain's ecosystem, and that's what a crypto wallet is for. Unlike what you may think at first, this wallet is not meant to store your LUNA - technically, LUNA can't be stored anywhere - and there are several types with different levels of security and accessibility.

Here is a list of our recommended wallets to store Terra (LUNA):

  • Terra Station: A wallet developed by the Terra team that works mainly as desktop software but you can also get it as a mobile app and browser extension.

  • MathWallet: A safe mobile wallet option that supports the Terra ecosystem.

  • Ledger Nano S: One of the best options in the market if you're planning to get a hardware wallet, with a lower price point than its competitors and that supports multiple cryptos.

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