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What is the Best Exchange to Buy Bitcoin (BTC)?


Buying any cryptocurrency, let alone Bitcoin, can seem overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner. But worry not! We are here to help you get started in a simple way.

If you are investing in Bitcoin and are unsure of which cryptocurrency exchange to choose, you can start by checking out the most liquid pairs available. That's why we have narrowed it down on a list of the best liquid exchanges for Bitcoin and their trading pairs, and some cryptocurrency exchange options if you're worried about availability in your region when buying bitcoin.

Once you select a trading pair, you can create an account on your preferred exchange and be able to buy Bitcoins. Make sure to check the payment methods accepted, since some of them accept cards (debit or credit cards), wire transfers or even PayPal, that way you can pick one that allows your preferred deposit method.

If you're just getting started in the cryptocurrency world and are unfamiliar with how trading and exchanges work, we suggest you take the time to read news and learn about them, so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Here is a list of the top 3 liquid exchanges to buy Bitcoin (BTC) on:

  • HitBTC: This exchange based in Denmark claims to have one of the largest cryptocurrency selection and it's currently the most liquid for Bitcoin both the USDT and the USD trading pairs.

  • Binance: The most popular exchange around non-US-based users thanks to their cryptocurrency selection, liquidity levels and account security. It's also a great choice for those looking to deposit via wire transfers or credit cards.

  • ZB: A Chinese exchange suitable for traders in the US as well as traders based on Asian countries, and another great option to buy BTC on USDT.

Keep in mind that some of these cryptocurrency exchanges might not be available in your country, that's why we've made a list down below with some of the best options for users in the USA as well as those in the EU, UK and Asia.

List of Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for US Residents

List of Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for EU/UK Residents

List of Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Asian Residents

What is the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC)?


Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized digital currency created in 2008, and is currently considered the leading cryptocurrency in the world, and thanks to its popularity in the business industry, it's one of the most widely accepted cryptos to make purchases, online or in stores and pay for online goods and services. By being decentralized, it doesn't need a bank, government or any other central authority to work and be sent from user to user.

The transactions are managed through a peer-to-peer network which also facilitates fast payments, this means that the users who participate in the governance of the network and mine BTC, process the transactions while earning rewards paid in Bitcoin. Since it's a digital cryptocurrency, there are no actual physical Bitcoins, but balances are kept on a transparent public ledger, open for everyone to access.

The release of Bitcoin triggered the creation of many other cryptocurrencies, usually known as "altcoins". If you'd like to compare the price of Bitcoin to any of these other cryptocurrencies before investing, you can do it in a very simple way thanks to our Cryptocurrency Compare tool here.

Which wallet is best to buy Bitcoin (BTC) on?


So, you've decided to invest in your first bitcoins, great! Now you'll need a place to store them, that keeps your account data safe and allows you to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain to buy, sell and make all the transactions you need. That's what cryptocurrency wallets are made for.

These can often be referred to as either a hot wallet or cold wallet (where you can manage your account online or offline), or hardware, software, mobile and web wallets. We've made a list with our top choices for you to pick the one that best suits your needs.

Here is Exwhere’s overview of the top-recommended cryptocurrency wallets to store your Bitcoin (BTC) on: 

  • Exodus wallet: A great beginner-friendly option to manage your bitcoin account, available as a mobile and desktop wallet with a high variety of crypto coins to buy or sell and a built-in exchange, best if you want to handle everything in one place.

  • Trezor: One of the most popular hardware wallet options in the market thanks to its level of security and easy-to-use features, best for traders investing in large amounts of bitcoin and for those who don't want to make their purchase directly online, but rather use a cold storage option instead to manage their account data.

  • Unstoppable wallet: A non-custodial mobile wallet available for both Android and iOs devices. It has a user-friendly platform that supports over 100 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

  • Mycellium: A cryptocurrency wallet specifically made to store your bitcoin after your purchase, best for those experienced traders who want to securely access their account and are looking for some particular features when buying bitcoin like QR-code payments and cold storage.

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